I have a yearly goal to brew at least eight times a year. This should keep my tap handels from becomming dry. As of 2017, I decided to abide by a brewing schedule that consists of four "staple" beers: Irish Red, Fruity Blonde, Pumpkin Porter, and Coffee Stout. Each year, I try to improve upon last years recipie.

Irish Red

My favorite style of beer, perfect amount of maltiness. This beer won 2nd place in a homebrew compitition in 2017.

Fruity Blonde

I plan on mixing up the fruit in this beer each year. In 2017 the fruits were peach and raspberry.

Pumpkin Porter

It's fall and pumpkins are everywhere, let's put em in a beer.

Coffee Stout

The coffee in this beer is brewed in a french press with the wort and added during the boil!

Brewing Schedule