NCAA March Madness Bracket Builder

This tool allows you to load or input data for a specific year's NCAA Tournament. Select the year and statistic you would like to process, then press "RUMBLE" to complete the bracket.
For example, if you want to see which team from 2018 would win based on their RPI (Rating Percentage Index), select 2018, RPI, then press the "RUMBLE" button.
If you would like to enter your own data to the bracket, first select a year to load team names, enter data for all 64 teams, then press "RUMBLE".
If a tie is detected, an alert popup will notify the user. You can override the "RUMBLE" results with the drop downs (functionality coming soon).
The "CLEAR TEAMS" button will clear all the teams currently in the bracket.
The "CLEAR INPUT" button will clear all input fields.

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Data Round 1 Round 2 Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Final 4 Elite 8 Sweet 16 Round 2 Round 1 Data
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