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A little bit about myself:

I graduated from The University of Kansas with a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. I am now working as a software engineer for a company in downtown KC. While I was a student at KU, I tutored a handful of math courses for KU AAAC (Academic Achievement and Access Center).

I have tutored the following courses at KU:

More Experience:

Besides my tutoring experience through KU, I have tutored privately by putting out flyers and posting ads on Craigslist. I have taken several other math courses while in engineering school such as: Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Statistics. I can help you in pretty much any math course you need! As a person who once struggled with math in High School, I love to see the light bulb turn on in my students heads. Whether you need some serious help with math or just need some reassurance, I can help! KU required that students evaluate their tutors at the end of each semester, I have posted my last evaluation as a tutor on my Google+ profile that you need to check out if you are considering getting a math tutor! So far I am planning on meeting with students on the Plaza (coffee shop or Barnes and Noble), KC Public Library Plaza Branch, or on the UMKC campus.


Rates may increase depending on meeting location. As I stated above, I prefer to meet near the Plaza area.
If you think this is too much, consider finding some friend(s) or classmate(s) who also need a tutor, you can all attend for the same rate! (I'm keeping this to a maximum of 3 though, just so I have enough time to help everyone individually).


Beacause I have a full time position as a software engineer, I will only be available to tutor after 4pm on the weekdays.